Google: Project Sunroof


Role: Design Director

In their 20% time, a group of Googlers created a tool using Google Maps (plus a few other things) that allows users to calculate their roofs’ solar potential and to get started with local installers.  

My team crafted the narrative and helped design the total user experience. Our brand and product recommendation helped turn a 20% effort into an official Google project supported by a full-time team. Within a year, the Project Sunroof U.S. pilot was launched.

We made a video to unveil it to the world…

and it went on to get a shoutout by a President.

Team: Adam Katz, Matt Delbridge, Monica Kim, Steve Rura, Mike Lacher, Kelli Hogan, Cassie Hamilton

Project Sunroof: Launch video

Project Sunroof: UX design mockups for the finished product

Project Sunroof: internal poster campaign

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