Google: Little Box Challenge


Role: Design Director

The “Little Box Challenge” was set up as an ‘x-prize’ type contest by Google to encourage innovation in power inverters – the component of electrical systems that allows (amongst other things) solar photovoltaic panels to channel the energy they harvest from sunshine as direct current into the electrical grid’s alternating current.

Inverters tend to be bulky – the challenge was focussed on approaches to shrink them down to the size of a tablet computer or smaller – rather than the ‘picnic cooler’ volumes of most current commercial offerings.

Shrinking power inverters in size and price is a vital step in making Solar power widespread. This campaign and competition hoped to play a part in just that.

The original website is no longer online but there is an archived copy.

Team: Adam Katz, Christine Lindemann, Alison Lentz

Little Box Challenge Competition Website

Little Box Challenge Competition Website Mockups

Little Box Challenge Competition Poster for Universities, etc.

Google Blog post announcing the competition (mockup)

The National Renewable Energy Lab in the USA was a partner in the competition, along with the IEEE.

Video from the winners of the challenge, CE+T

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