Google: Floatlab


Role: Design Director

Team: Davis Najdecki, Glenn Cochon, Justin Windle, Bobbie Genalo, Adam Katz

As their website says: “+ POOL is a plus-shaped, water-filtering, floating swimming pool, designed to filter the very river that it floats in through the walls of the pool, making it possible for New Yorkers and its visitors to swim in clean river water.”

In 2013 they were conducting tests with a team from Columbia University on their filtration system designs in the Hudson river, at Pier 40.

Our team at Google Creative Lab partner with them to present the data ‘live’ to the public via beautiful infographics, which could be easily maintained by them using Google Drive. It went live for the duration of the tests, and sadly is not archived online.

More on the project here from the Pluspool team

Early prototype design (laptop/browser view)

Early prototype design, mobile

Final design as live

Final design as went live, 2014

FastCompany article at launch, 2014

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