Google: Expeditions


Role: Design Director

The Google education team came to us with a prototype they’d hacked together using Google Cardboard.

First, our team created the Google Expeditions brand vision and narrative, which would help it become the first accessible and sustainable VR platform for the classroom.

Next, we developed a service design recommendation for the initial roll-out: Pioneer Program. The site won a Webby Award in Mobile: Best Practices.

Last, the team created some of the first computer-generated Expeditions to push the boundaries of the platform and to demonstrate the power of VR in bringing abstract concepts to life. 

Google Expeditions went from a good idea to becoming a great product that brought over 3 million students on virtual field trips in less than 3 years.

Team: Adam Katz, Monica Kim, Steve Rura, Mike Lacher, Kelli Hogan, Cassie Hamilton, Dane Whitehurst

Google Expeditions: Classroom Kit – a Cardboard ‘Chest’ for headsets, tablets and other materials

Expeditions announced in Google I/O Keynote

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program Posters

Google Expeditions Pioneer Program School Demo Tour Vehicles

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