Google: A Spacecraft For All


Role: Design Director

“A Spacecraft For All” was a Chrome Experiment – a series showcasing web technologies and the capabilities of the Chrome browser.

In this case we were demonstrating WebGL – and it’s abilities to overlay interactive 3D graphics over streaming video to create an innovative mini-documentary about the ISEE-3 spaceprobe.

This craft had been launched by NASA in the 1970s and since lost in the solar system. A group of space enthusiasts, engineers and scientists had launched a crowdfunded effort to contact, reboot and in effect salvage the spacecraft to turn it into an open access space-science platform.

Team: Richard The, Suzanne Chambers, Asa Block, Isaac Blankensmith, Glenn Cochon, George Michael Brower

ISEE-3: A Spacecraft For All
A Spacecraft For All: Homepage

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