Car-Free London


Role: Team member, Concept designer

Car-Free London was a competition run by The Architecture Foundation in the Autumn of 1998.

I was part of a group of designers and technologists got together to provide a conceptual solution for reducing car-traffic in central london to near zero by the year 2020.

Our approach was to extrapolate from developments at the time in mobile and digital media – imagining the benefits of rapid delivery networks and location technology reducing the need for cars.

We weren’t so far off in some respects – apart from the lack of reduction in car use these advances would bring! An early brush with the Jevons Paradox

Our competition entry – a series of day-in-the-life graphic novella panels – was successful in winning through to the final 5 solutions to be exhibited in the OXO Tower, London in May1999, and was featured in leader articles in the Independent newspaper, The Economist and Blueprint; and featured on TV.

Team: Alistair Jeffs, Angus Keith, Stefan Magdalinski, Ross Sleight, Martin Storey, Bettina Walter, Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar.

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