BERG: Intel Cars


Role: Principal

The Intel team had been on a worldwide ethnographic project to understand people’s relationships to their cars, transport and the city – in anticipation of automobiles become more connected through the 2010s.

Visualising the car as a ‘playhead’ moving through a locative-data-rich cityscape

In 2011-2012 the studio embarked on a program of speculative design and invention projects to complement their findings – looking at fundamental interaction design problems of touchscreens in cars, cars as sensor platforms, as pieces of a connected city and as part of new service value chains.

The primary output was a short film that was intended to be put public as part of the research but unfortunately was never released. The edited version below is shown here with permission from the client.

BERG x Intel: Cars (2012)

LED long-exposure light-painting study of interaction within a car cockpit
Early sketch of the connected, sensor-laden car as ‘playhead’ in the city of data
Early sketch of ‘Cars Have Eyes’ concept – connected cars create a real-time video network you can access across your route.
Early sketch of ‘legible engines’ concept – using pico projection and computer vision to create an interactive overlay on the workings of a car
Early proposal for Car UI concept – interfaces that contract and expand depending on driver context e.g. parking brake activated.

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